Language Awareness Programming Exercise

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Course features
  • Author: Nita Marquez
  • Level: LAP Training 101
  • Study time: 60-90 minutes
  • Video time: 33 mins.
  • Exams: 12 items
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Certification included
The Language Awareness Programming Course is the third level of the CHAMPION Life System. LAP Training is the engine that assists us in using the 8 Pillars to create more meaningful outcomes, greater relationships, and even higher income. In completing this course, you are awakening new levels of clarity and direction in your mind and body, ensuring the most powerful results in your life overall.
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Course overview
LAP (Language Awareness Programming) Training is one of the primary grounding points for integrating the CHAMPION Life System curriculum into daily living and truly upgrading your life while reducing stress. Language Awareness Programming was created to teach people how to literally de-stress by training users to understand and utilize somatic response awareness in connection with verbiage choices. Certain words and habitual phraseology can keep the nervous system and body, our physiology, in a state of stress or even deep anxiety. This is where NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) falls short, because although NLP offers an instant shift of a brain synapses, it does not have a long term effect.  This is not to say that Neuro Linguistic Programming is ineffective, but LAP Training is simply a predecessor to NLP in securing the effects of NLP long term.
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What's included?

  • 13 Videos
  • 1 Certification (Integration 101)
  • 12 Exams
  • 4 PDF’s
  • Actionable and Shareable Performance Tools
The Integration Level is introduced by The Assessment Course. Use of the Assessment tool daily supports continued integration of the 8 key pillars of the CHAMPION System learned in the Foundations Course. Completing the Assessment Course certifies that you can perform the actionable daily or weekly (based on need) CHAMPION Balance Assessment as a tool for bringing more balance and clarity. This also gives the participant a tool to support others in reducing stress and increasing balance.
Meet the instructor

Nita Marquez

Everyone who looked at me saw a winning athlete, a good mom, a kind person, and overall, a "success", but I knew deep down that my life was actually a mess, and I didn't understand where I'd gone wrong, when I'd done everything so "right."
My upbringing had not set me up for success, but I studied courses and books to educate myself, and "it worked"! Still, despite a college education that led me on to build a marriage, a beautiful family, and a multi-million dollar business, my life was mired in mental and emotional chaos, financial issues, and loads of voids. 
Many people have overcome life challenges to become successful, but still feel the emptiness of living on a hamster wheel. This "successful" life void of work/life/purpose balance is unfulfilling, to say the least. 
The truth is we cannot find real happiness and genuinely live if we are constantly racing against time in pressured performance standards, being stressed out with the demands of people who don't care about us.  
If you are a parent or a professional whose progress has rested on constant demand that has led you to a life of great success but low fulfillment, I am committed to helping you create balance and reduce stress to live optimally, for a true Life of Quality. I created the CHAMPION Life System to support myself and others 
on a path of fulfillment, starting from the inside-out. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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